Installing WordPress Two

create configuration file

If you haven’t read my previous posts on installing WordPress, you can find them under the WordPress category link here. So now we have WordPress uploaded to our server and we have created a database.  Now for the last part of installing WordPress to our server.  But don’t worry, thanks to the simplicity of WordPress, […]

Installing Your First Data Base

cPanel databases

Using MySQL to Install Your First DataBase Installing a database isn’t as hard or complicated as it sounds. The very first time I ever installed a database, I was really afraid of completely messing up everything.  I even thought I was going to destroy my server or something.  I’ve definitely come a long way:)  And […]

Grabbing and Installing WordPress

Download Wordpress

I use WordPress for practically every site I own. I think I have two or three that are on Drupal or are straight HTML, but otherwise everything else is WordPress. Why WordPress? There are quite a few reasons why I use WordPress and I strongly suggest that you do, too. WordPress is very easy to […]

FTP what! What is FTP?

Filezilla download

The next step on getting our website up and going is using an FTP client to place all of the files we’re going to need onto our server from our desktop computer. Now I understand if you’ve never heard of the term FTP, or this process may look a little daunting, but I assure you, […]

WordPress Amazon Plugins to Supercharge your Website

Affiliate Product Comparison Table

Now that we have a website going, and have posted our first content, the next thing we can do is dress up the site a little with a few Premium WordPress Amazon Plugin. One of the best ways to do this is to use some specialty plugins designed specifically for Amazon Affiliate websites. Now anything […]

Domain Name Server & How to Point a Domain

nameserver setup

Pointing a Domain to your Server So once you have your domain name or URL, next you need to point that domain with a domain name server. Pointing a Domain Name or URL just means telling the domain where on the web to “point to” or the final destination of the connection. You can think […]

Web Hosting and Your New Website

Web Hosting

Webhosting and Servers The next important step is Web Hosting. When someone says web hosting, hosting a website or getting a server or webhost, they pretty much mean the same thing.  It just means buying a place to place files on a server, usually from a professional company that does web hosting full time and […]

Amazon Affiliate Website Case Studies

Amazon Case Study

One of the very best ways to really see the potential of a website is to offer an Amazon case study. Something that you can follow along and see exactly what the webmaster does each day with their websites so that you an follow along. I personally love case studies and always wanted to do […]