Amazon Affiliate Website Case Studies

One of the very best ways to really see the potential of a website is to offer an Amazon case study. Something that you can follow along and see exactly what the webmaster does each day with their websites so that you an follow along.

Amazon Case StudyI personally love case studies and always wanted to do them myself. So I figure this is my chance. So this is the plan.

I will be doing 2 case studies. One will be a strictly Amazon Review Article based website focusing on a tight niche. The second will also be a niche website, but it will be more of an information based website with some banners and reviews sprinkled in.

This way you’ll be able to see how two different kinds of websites are set up and promoted. And we can see if one seriously out performs the other.

I will be starting these case studies in September 2012. The catch is, I am not going to share the URLs with the world. It would simply cause too many problems. And I don’t want the sites to be deindexed by the search engines either. So in order to keep up to date with these sites, you’ll need to optin to my email list. You can do that here…

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I will send you the exact 2 URLs I am building so you can see EVERYTHING! I will update you with actual steps I perform and their results. I’ll also give real numbers as far as how much each site is making each month and how many visitors I’m getting.

Pretty much, I will be giving you 100% access to everything I am doing! Totally free and honest. Even if they flop!

And don’t worry, I won’t send you a bunch of junk emails to your inbox or anything like that. I will send you great stuff like tips, tricks and an occasional recommendation. I guarantee that you will be happy with the information I will be providing you. If you aren’t, it is super easy to unsubscribe and stop getting my emails.

So enter your name and email address below right now to get a completely honest look at how I build my sites and everything else I do to get traffic and make affiliate commissions.

And as always, feel free to ask me anything you want by commenting below or asking me a question through my Contact Me form if it is private.

Thanks for following me and I hope I am able to get you making money with Amazon right now:)


  1. Mark says

    One of the best website I found about Amazon affiliates..[and I have read many]..Please if you want send me your urls.. I appreciate ..Thanks a lot!!!

    • William C Allen says

      Thanks for stopping by. I’m really glad you like the site. I am actually just getting started:) So there is a lot more to come so check back often. Thanks again for leaving a comment!

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