WordPress Amazon Plugins to Supercharge your Website

Now that we have a website going, and have posted our first content, the next thing we can do is dress up the site a little with a few Premium WordPress Amazon Plugin. One of the best ways to do this is to use some specialty plugins designed specifically for Amazon Affiliate websites.

Now anything I share with you in this post is not something you need to do at all. I have actually already given you everything you need to get you up ad running with a quality site that, over time, should make you some money. These are just “extras” that can help make the site appear a lot more professional, helpful and boost conversions of the visitors to your website into buyers of Amazon products.

Also, please understand I have tried almost every single plugin and theme pertaining to Amazon. If I am sharing something with you, it is because I honestly see value in the plugin. Beyond that, I also know the plugin is coded well and will always work. Plus I believe in the developer and their on going support.

There are tons of plugins and themes for Amazon related websites. But a lot of these just disappear along with the developers and their support. So be careful. You can grab anything you want. But be careful and do some research on the plugin and the developer before you buy. I’ve been stuck by a few developers before. Not a nice feeling:(

Now what I have done is create a demo blog and installed each of these plugins so you can actually see them in action. It’s just a demo site, but you should be able to get the idea if one of these are something you feel you really could benefit from. Follow this link to see a page with all of these plugins installed to see their look, feel and functionality.

Amazon Plugins


Azon Discount Finder

Azon Discount FinderThis is a great plugin that let’s your websites’ visitors search Amazon for any product on Amazon right from your website. It displays a clean looking search box in your WordPress widget area. Super easy to install and use.

Once someone enters a search to find the best Amazon deals, they’ll be taken to Amazon and anything they buy, you will get a commission on. Even if it has nothing at all to do with your niche or website.

This plugin is well coded and looks great, making your website look more authoritative as well as adding a useful function. A real “must have” plugin from a friend of mine, Gene, whom I trust completely.


Affilite Product Comparison Tables

Affiliate Product Comparison Table

This is a great plugin that lets you build product comparison tables with very little effort. So for example, if you have a camera site and you wrote a post on a specific model of camera, you can include a product comparison table in your post and compare that model against other models or even brands, price, practically anything. And all of the products are displayed in a nicely laid out and eye catching comparison table that would take you forever to do manually.

You can chose the number of products, what to compare as far as pictures of the product, price, size, weight, there’s a whole list of stuff. And all controlled with a click of your mouse. Of course your Amazon affiliate links are automatically added to each product so you can make some money while giving people helpful feature comparisons.

I personally use this plugin on every site to dress it up and really give my visitor’s all the information they need to make a smart purchasing decision. Plus I know the developer, Edwin, and am 100% sure that you will always be satisfied if you grab this. And that the plugin will always be updated and supported by the actual developer, and not some outsourcer.


WP Price Checker

WP Price Checker

This plugin does exactly what the name suggests and is also created by the same person. It shows a price comparison table of a product from a bunch of different places from around the web. And not just Amazon.

In fact, you can chose which web properties to display, all with your affiliate link of course, and the plugin creates very stunning looking comparison tables that will help your website visitors find and get the best deal on what ever they are looking for. So you aren’t strapped to only Amazon with this plugin.

WP Price Checker really adds value to your website and also helps your site look like it is a true Shopping site and not just a typical Amazon affiliate website because it shows competing stores as well. So don’t lose a sale because a shopper decides to compare prices when you can compare everything for them all from your own website.


Azon Conversion Pro

Azon Conversion Pro Deal BoxThis is a really nifty plugin that automatically loads the best deal for the page you are on showing a really professional looking “Best Deal” box. What’s really great about this is that it works not only with Amazon, but other affiliate networks as well like Commission Junction (CJ).

You can have the plugin automatically find the best deal by just entering your affiliate ID and a keyword, or you can manually set the plugin to show the product you specify. You have complete control and the plugin looks great on your site. It really dresses up your website and looks very professional.



Azon Stock Checker

Azon Sock Checker

Azon Stock Checker is one of those plugins that work on the back end of your website. It never shows anyone anything on your actual website. Instead, it notifies you when something you are linking to in your website is out of stock.

The reason this is so important is, Amazon by default just shows a page that says “Out of Stock” and that’s it. Not something you want to be sending your hard earned traffic to! But with Azon Stock Checker, they’ll be forwarded to a similar product so that you’ll never lose a commission again. It works in the background and is one of those things you’d never “think about” doing until you actually had it happen to you. A great plugin to take care of your back end.


WP Buyer Catcher

Wordpress Buyer Catcher Plugin

This plugin asks your shopper if they want to be alerted if a product drops below a certain price. So say someone wants to buy a microwave. It lists for $299.00. But they only want to pay $250.00. They can sign up to be alerted when the product is on sale.

The plugin automatically sends them an alert email! And it automatically adds your visitors email to your email autoresponder automatically so you can build a list of buyers and people looking for the products you are promoting. A very powerful list building plugin created specifically for Amazon affiliates.

I just picked this up, so I still am not sure how beneficial it is. But I love anything that helps me create a list of hungry buyers. I’m sure I’ll update this when I have more to tell. But I thought it has real potential, so I thought I’d add it in here.


In a future article I will also be sharing with you some auto-plugins that help you instantly build an Amazon affiliate website on autopilot. I do use one and have had somewhat decent results from it. So look out for that post if you are into automation.

And one last thing, something I think you might be really interested in. How would you like me to build you your own Amazon affiliate website with all of the plugins above, plus a premium theme plus some unique content to get you going. In any niche you chose!

Now you can get your own website completely set up for you, by me. Completely by hand. To find out more about this, just click here.

I hope all of this has been helpful. If you have any questions or comments, just let me know. Like I said, I personally know 2 of the developers of the plugins I’ve recommended above. So I am sure I can get an answer for you or maybe get them over here to answer your questions personally.

And as always, if you like this post, please share, like and all of that other media kind of stuff that seems so important these days:)


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